OCI/PIO Scheme

Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI)/Person of Indian Origin (PIO) Scheme

This is to inform that vide Gazette Notification No.26011/01/2014IC.I dated 09.01.2015, all PIO cards issued till 09.01.2015 are deemed to be OCI card. PIO Card scheme has been withdrawn vide Gazette Notification No.25024/9/2014F dated 09.01.2015. Applicants should apply for OCI card ONLY, as PIO card scheme is no longer in existence. The date for submission of applications for registration as OCI cardholder in lieu of PIO card online has been extended till 31 December 2016. This cutoff date will be only for submission of the applications online by the applicants.”


Introduction of OCI:


Brochure for OCI:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


Online OCI Application Form


Online OCI Application (In Lieu of PIO-Card)


Online OCI Application (In Lieu of Lost PIO-Card)


OCI Miscellaneous Services application form in case of
(i)  Change of Passport particulars,
(ii) Change of Personal particulars,
(iii) Loss/damage of OCI Card
(iv) Change of Address/Occupation and etc


Reprint of OCI/Misc. application form:  


OCI Status Enquiry




OCI Fee Schedule for residents of Curacao, Sint Maarten, Aruba, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba (BES) Islands [+]

Residents of Curacao, Sint Maarten, Aruba, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba (BES) Islands are required to pay in US Dollars. Bank Draft for consular services should be in the name of “Embassy of India”. In addition to the OCI fee, for each service, every applicant has to give a separate Bank Draft of US$ 2 drawn in favour of Embassy of India, Caracas-ICWF for ICWF. Alternatively, US$ 2 may be deposited in the Embassy’s ICWF account:

Account No.


Name of Account

Embassy of India-ICWF

Name of bank

State Bank of India


460, Park Avenue, New York, NY-10022

Swift Code


ABA Routing No.



 Both original bank drafts/deposit proof should be submitted along with the application.


OCI Service

Fee in US$

ICWF Fee (Separate Bank Draft)

OCI Registration Fee



OCI in lieu of PIO Card (Gratis) but ICWF



Reissue of OCI (Duplicate) in case of reissue of New Passport.



OCI Fee in case of lost OCI/PIO




OCI Fee Schedule for resident of Venezuela [+]

Residents of Venezuela are required to pay for Consular Services in Bolivars (Bs.F) in Banco Provincial, Current Account No. 0108-0231-8901-0013-0102 of the Embassy of India, Caracas. In addition to the OCI fee, every applicant has to make a separate deposit in Bolivars (Bs.F) of Bsf. 24.00 in Banco Provincial, Current Account No. 0108-0231-8501-0019-0318 of the Embassy of India-ICWF, for ICWF. Both original bank receipts should be submitted along with the application.


OCI Service

Fee in Bsf.

ICWF Fee (Separate Deposit)

 OCI Registration Fee



OCI in lieu of PIO Card (Gratis) but ICWF



Reissue of OCI (Duplicate) in case of reissue of New Passport.



OCI Fee in case of lost OCI/PIO




OCI Travel Advisory – Re-issue of OCI Card (On getting a New Passport)

  1. For an applicant who is 20 years of age or younger, OCI documents must be re-issued each time a new passport is issued.
  2. For an applicant who is 50 years of age or older, OCI documents must be re-issued once after the issuance of a new passport. If the OCI card is issued for the first time after the age of 50 years, then there is no need for re-issuance of OCI.
  3. For an applicant who is 21 to 49 years of age, there is no need to re-issue OCI documents each time a new passport is issued. However, if the applicant desires, he/she can request that the OCI documents be re-issued so that the OCI documents reflect the correct passport number. Please view the full requirements for OCI Re-issue for more information at the link: http://mha1.nic.in/pdfs/GuidelinesOCI.pdf


1.         It must be ensured that Indian Citizenship has been renounced OR the application for renunciation of Indian citizenship is being submitted along with the OCI application. See for more details: http://www.embindia.org/consular/renunciation.php


2.         It should be ensured that Place of submission* should be selected as Venezuela and Mission* as Caracas While filling online OCI application form and the OCI registration form number should start with VENCI. No. and INVALID should not appear on the OCI form.


3.         Two sets of duly signed online OCI application form should be submitted. Separate forms should be filled in, in respect of each member of the family. Both the sets should be complete in all respects and all the documents should be attached with each set.


5.         Names of the parents of the applicant should be the same as given in the Indian Passport. However, name in OCI application should be as per foreign passport provided that there are no major variations.


6.     Please sign next to the Photo box (but not over the photo), in the space provided, or create a rectangular box of 6 cm length and 1.5 cm width, next to the photo box, and sign in the signature box so created.


7.     Old Indian Passport for cancellation and a copy of the same (first and last three pages) or copy of passport already cancelled (first and last three pages), should be submitted.


8.     In case, no Indian passport is available, a notarized affidavit/letter explaining the justification for non-submission of the old passport. In that case, proof of Indian citizenship/origin should be submitted.


9.     A clear coloured photocopy of foreign passport should be attached with both copies of the OCI form. Since grant of OCI takes considerable time, the Embassy accepts OCI applications on the basis of photocopy of the same.


10. 4 photos (photograph specifications for OCI/Passport: 01 Photo on each set to be glued, 02 photos in one envelope with no marks.


11.    Copy of Residence Permit and Identity Card should be submitted along with each copy of the application.


12.       Copy of Passport and Residence Permit of the child and his/her father and mother (for OCI application of minors).


13.       An apostle Birth Certificate of minors with parents name on it and translated English version of the same (for OCI application of minors).


14.    Copy of duly apostle/attested marriage certificate of parents with certified English translated version (for OCI application of minors).


15.       In case, a child was born in a territory under this Embassy’s jurisdiction and did not possess Indian nationality earlier, parents may specifically mention this fact in the covering letter.


16.       OCI services are not available to:
a. Step-children and adopted children
b. Asylees,
c. Applicants with a single parent whose birth certificate mention about only one parent,
d. Minors who are born out of live - in relationship.                
e. Foreign national whose Indian spouse in no more.


15.       In case an applicant is applying for visa, renunciation and OCI together, three separate drafts (one each for renunciation, visa and OCI) should be sent as per Consular Fee Schedule. Two courier envelopes should be forwarded in that case for return of foreign passport after grant of visa and second one for dispatch of OCI card and renunciation slip.


(i) Applicants Eligible on their own:

1.             Surrender Certificate of Indian Passport. See the link for obtaining Surrender Certificate.
2.             Original Indian Passport and a copy of the same or a Notarised Affidavit for non- availability of Indian Passport.


(ii) Applicants Eligible based on Parents/Grandparents:

  1. Surrender Certificate of parents or grandparents, or Valid/Cancelled Indian Passport of parents or Grandparents of the applicant, or Birth Certificate of the parents or grandparents or School or College Certificate/leaving Certificate of the applicant or parents of the applicant, which could prove Indian nationality of his parents and grandparents.
  2. Copy of the present passport.
  3.  Birth Certificate of the applicant along with a copy of certified English translation of the same.


(iii) Applicants Eligible based on their Spouse:

  1.  Copy of OCI Card of Spouse.
  2.  Surrender Certificate/valid Indian Passport of Spouse.
  3.  Apostle/registered Marriage Certificate with certified English translation, duly notarised (if original not in English).
  4.  Apostle Birth Certificate of applicant along with a copy of certified English translation.

Declaration of Renunciation of Citizenship of India on
acquisition of Citizenship of Another country

Under Indian laws, Persons of Indian Origin who have held the citizenship of India in the past, or those Indian Nationals who are in the process of acquiring foreign nationality, are required to formally renounce (give up) their Indian Citizenship. Such applicants, who fall within the jurisdiction of the Embassy of India, Caracas, are required to surrender their Indian passports to this Embassy and obtain a Surrender Certificate in lieu thereof. The applicants, who do not have their passports available for justified reasons with supporting documents, may furnish their passport details in a prescribed form to obtain an Acknowledgement instead. Such Surrender Certificates/Acknowledgement slips should be kept carefully as copies of the same are required while applying for Indian Visa, OCI cards.

The procedure for the Renunciation of the Citizenship of India, applicable fees and penalties, and forms are available at the following link:
Form to be submitted for a renunciation along with Visa/OCI forms (click here)

For additional information concerning overseas Indians please visit: www.overseasindian.in

For Overseas Indian Facilitation Center (OIFC) please visit: www.oifc.in

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